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Strengthening family friendly companies and raising the bar for working parents. 
Our Mission

ECN's vision is for every company to become employee centric; by providing resources, non-medical benefits and policies to their employees throughout all life stages. By allowing employees to create harmony between work and life, they will become more dedicated and productive employees, which in turn, will pay dividends to businesses and create a better workplace for all.

Holistic Approach

We work across teams and leadership to enable a well-rounded solution that best fits your needs and goals as well as the competitive landscape.


We formulate key improvements to immediately start earning employee trust and building the brand of your company as a parent friendly employer.


Our goal is to meet your company where you are and collaborate on the best way to tackle current and foreseeable roadblocks faced by women and primary caregivers. 

What we do


Why Us?

You are an employer devoted to excellence; for your customers and your employees. Working with Employee Care Network means you can begin meeting the full spectrum of needs for your employees with care taking responsibilities without hiring headcount to achieve your goals. After our analysis and recommendations, we bring our trusted partners in to implement the customized solutions for you - from lactation solutions & policy,  childcare, counseling for working mothers, adoptive/foster planning and to employee extras and much more. After implementation, strong emphasis is put on normalization and education. 


Through a close partnership with our consultants, we build a road map starting with immediate steps you can take to begin shaping the culture and brand of your company as one that is friendly to working parents. Our team centralizes this experience so you can be as hands on, or hands off, as you need. We know that everyone has unique needs so we customize the solution based on your company. You can rest assured that you are getting the fastest, most efficient execution to begin seeing improved retention and attraction of key talent right away!


We are a one-to-shop for companies when determining what resources to bring into their workplace. We work directly with companies to analyze their benefits, policies and resources for working parents and caregivers through both internal measurements and industry data. We offer thoughtful and prioritized recommendations and when appropriate, connect them with our verified and trusted partners to implement specific solutions. 

Why is parent/caregiver a category of employee I need to think about?

With 73% of employees being responsible for some type of care giving (and 41% are primary parents), it's critical to company's success that they calibrate their benefits, programs and culture to accommodate employees with care giving responsibilities.

Over 86% of working mothers will leave a job for another opportunity that better supports their work and life considerations.

Isn't one benefit enough?

Implementing one or two benefits for your employees, outside of the standard medical benefits is a great start, but there is so much more to being a caring company.

One of the biggest myths in today's company culture is that employees should be satisfied with one or two "extras" such as a lactation solution or backup childcare. In reality there are many other life situations that require a bit extra support. 

How will my company benefit and isn't this really expensive?

When employers invest in their workforce, specifically caregivers, the value of that investment pays dividends in attraction, retention, diversity of thought, reduced absenteeism and higher productivity. 

When you offer a benefit across your entire employee population, not everyone will use it and that's OK! These are intended to be used by employees who need them, when they need them. 

What types of solutions do you offer?

Each solution and company is different, but we offer it all directly through ECN or made possible by our trusted partners. We address everything from infertility benefits, lactation solutions (permanent or temporary) & resources, backup or regular childcare solutions, disabled/elder dependent (s) financial planning and care assistance and much more.  

How do you measure success after implementation?

We work with companies to put measurement practices and feedback loops in place to show the value of investment for their business both short term and long term. We also cultivate a deep and lasting relationship with your company so as you need to be agile with your business, we will continue to support you as your needs evolve. 

“We will retain and attract the best talent because of who we are, how we work, and how we treat our people, which in turn will help our customers and partners thrive.”

Hewlett Packard, CEO, Antonio Neri

"These benefits are a signal we are a workplace that listens to the needs of our employees, and we think that's a differentiator in building relationships with candidatess. Year-over-year, we continue to have more women apply to Zillow."

Zillow Group Chief People Officer, Dan Spaulding

"When our Team Members feel great about where they work, it is reflected in the exceptional experience that they provide to our guests." 

Hilton Worldwide, Chief Human Resources Officer, Matt Schuyler 

The founders of ECN have personal experience juggling demanding careers with parenthood; Employee Care Network is on a mission to equip employers with the tools, resources and knowledge they need to recruit and retain the best talent while fostering the careers of their employees with children and other care taking responsibilities. ECN's unique approach is supported by a world class network of providers allowing for a fully customizable solution for all phases of career and life. ECN's founders have firsthand, in-field experience with successful program roll-outs at nationwide employers. ECN knows that tailoring programs, policies and benefits to working care givers provides an immediate return as well as long term dividends.

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